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MBA Mentorship Program

This is a specialised program of mentorship for students pursuing MBA in India only. Any MBA pursuing students especially in 2nd year of the course or those who have decided to pursue Finance as specialization will benefit and will find 100% performance enhancement. It’s pertinent to say that we do not teach subject in this program but provide mentorship for the way of studying to pass the examination with best of grades and simultaneously getting prepared for the job opportunities.

Through this mentorship program students will undergo transformation through services listed below :
  1. Developing customised one to one mentorship plan for each candidate.
  2. Understanding regular routine and rolling out minimum achievable time tables.
  3. The program is not restricted to academic courses alone but also dive down to get the best of preparation based on current market trend
  4. Regular Guidance to create a self brand for securing jobs through social platforms like Linkedin.
  5. Individual mentor will be assigned to each candidate for daily follow up.
  6. Regular assessment and performance tracker.
  7. Help will also be extended to understand specific concept under guidance of qualified and experienced CAs and MBAs from industry.
  8. Review of internship assignments by professionals from within the industry to secure the best grade.
  9. Answer writing skills will be evaluated and together we work upon to achieve best presentable answers under examination condition..
  10. Evaluation of resume and free Resume service.
  11. Under professional mentor, candidates will be suggested to undergo minimum certification required at best possible price for upskilling. 
  12. Candidates who may be interested in further studies will be counseled for best professional courses to be undertaken along with MBA to weed out the competition.
  13. Suggestion to candidates for completion of minimum technical skills required in professional work life like MIS Reports, Dashboard, Ms- Excel, SAP, Tally etc.
  14. Preparing candidates for interviews by conducting mock interviews to bring out the best of the candidate.

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