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The Mentorship program and career advice most of us missed at 20s !

Now when most of people look back into their early days, it has been observed that they want to change their priorities when they were into their 20s. And this specially happens with lower and middle class, who lacks proper guidance within the family.

When we are growing and setting our targets, we are influenced by our environments, family & society. We comfortably accept and create an impression for ourself i.e “It’s OK to be average or just above average”. It happened with me too and I was pondering today – if I get to dive back from my 40s to 20s, what advice would we give to the current generation? On this theme, we discussed with lot of people in job and professions and all of them wished if they may dive back, and get Aladdin’s time machine, this article is all about what they wish to change and advice to current generation.

Career is for whole life and not for a short spell.

When we are young, we enjoy One Day Cricket Match more than test matches and that why move towards short term career goals or which is apparently visible like what most of cousins/class mates are perusing.


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