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Get Ready for Post Corona World – Get a mentor Online !

    We all have heard of economic slow-down or market slow down, but prospect of a pandemic was not imagined or planned by society. The disruptive impact of Covid -19 is obvious but it’s impossible to guess the exact shape of the bell curve that a trend will follow. Will this stay niche for a year or even more? And in this long term crisis, you need to be proactive. Get some online mentor and join its career mentorship program. There are many mentor websites. And we are happy to introduce

For students these moments can be threatening and liberating. Most of us are very aware of the gap between market requirements, competition with agile & brilliants students and current capacity of ourselves. Join today our online mentoring course.

eCareerMentor is a career mentor team of professional mentors to help specially commerce students in 12th, B.Com, BBM, MBA etc. We help students achieve personal optimization and ignite the instinct for excellence within.

The current article is to request all students (specially commerce background) to stay safe, wash your hands and get prepared to face Post Corona World through help of eCareerMentor’s career mentorship program. If you think you can, this is that moment.

Stop thinking about limitation – be your financial conditions, educational backgrounds, career graphs or your past performances. Start thinking about re-engineering and re-inventing your thoughts, approach, productivity and performance. Our mentors & professional from industries will guide you on regular basis to achieve the best career, even if you don’t have lacs to spend for your studies. 

Ask yourself : what could you do in 2020 ? Where are there opportunities to alleviate any negative impact or better yet, offer career mentoring /career counseling within the reasonable cost. 


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