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Question every student should plan for – Where does the time go?

(Attention management for Students)

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In the current phase of electronic gadgets & internet we are in a new world, world of streaming & socializing and ultimately time consuming. Technology is evil necessary for all and the job of the technology especially internet is to keep you browsing. But every student need to ponder for a while to learn and manage attention management. This one art is normally not taught in any college. During exam most of us prepares a study time table but then most of us also fails to realize its full potential. Do you want to know why? Because while managing time we often fail to prioritize attention.

The problem is that we are planning productivity with time table routine thinking to extract productivity which is wrong in current scenario. This was true in our father’s time where there was no distraction if you get locked in a room and plan to study for whole day. But now, we are lashed with electronic gadgets and most necessarily our mobile phone. Generally, in every 10 min our mobile vibrates with messages or with voice calls, chats, texts message, video call, email, socializing apps etc. In fact, our addiction to distraction is the ultimate goal. Students still plan old fashioned idea of time and productivity management, but to succeed, we actually need to master attention management. Due to these distraction, we will not have enough time to complete planned activities what we should do or want to do.


Don’t let yourself be an average, Do time Management!

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“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today” this line is easy to read but difficult to practice in life and that’s why most of us are average in our life. This article is targeted to graduating students and professional of tomorrow. Don’t let yourself to be an average. It’s ok as what we have done till 10th. But duration after 12th really set the trend we are going to live thereafter and throughout of live. Being in education sector we meet a lot of graduating students and even we professional in industry make commitment to ourself that we never keep. Where do we actually fail? It’s called time management. This what makes a person average for throughout his life. Although this article is aimed for students but may equally be taken by professional at whatever career graph we are at.

In colleges parents pay for their child futures in lacs. They pay it for present classes and we keep procrastinating that we will priorities ourself in future. “Untill we can manage time, we can manage nothing else”. In MBA classes, why there is always one topper and even in graduation and so in 12th, although the same classes & same teacher are available to all. Because we need to value we pay for time but unfortunately most of us do not. It may be a harsh reality to hear but it is. Taking this question to lot of students, we have developed program for eCareerMentoring. is not same as eLearning. There are already lot of eLearning platforms and courses to take but we as mentor guide students as how to study, which are normally not taught in college curriculum. There is no dearth of study material around and actually we recommend to stick to college study books alone.

There are many self-development steps we take students through, and time management is at core of it. Based upon our experience, below is a small article rather an advice to all students to value the present before getting tagged as an average forever.

Before going forwards let’s break the ice by accepting that 99% of the famous & successful persons are self- made personality and only a few have by-birth talent. And we need not reiterate that, each one of us have equal time during a day. Then how we can-

  • Excel in class by getting best grades.
  • Avoid getting distracted / bored while we study
  • Remember lessons we have already learned.
  • Get motivated to study.

The answer of above-mentioned riddles is just one mantra – Time Management. Time management is one of the pillar for being a good student. It’s quite evident to said that it is not easy to practice.  It requires lot of motivation and self-disciplines, this is where eCareerMentor helps student. God has bestowed some with less money, some with less intellect, some with less beauty but the wonderful fact is that everyone has got the same amount of time i.e. 24 hours a day. So, what remains with us is how we utilize our time. There will be times when we have to ignore friends or that special guy /girl – this is actually the reality of student’s life.  If we utilize it prudently, the outcome will be equally good. Out of 24 hrs. only 8 hours are the actual available time with us to shape our future.

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During this 8 hours, we have lot of obligation to fulfil towards – Career, Studies, Family, Friends, social life, relatives, entertainment etc. Hence, we went to some of the Grade “A” students and discovered how they utilize this 33% of the day to excel from the rest.